Thursday, January 8, 2009

Trevor Hoffman (Part II)

According to Rotoworld, it now appears that Trevor Hoffman is more likely to sign with the Milwaukee Brewers for 2009 than with the Dodgers. This makes a lot of sense, as the Brewers actually need a closer (unlike the Dodgers). It also probably gives Hoffman a little extra value in full season leagues, as there will be less of a threat for him to lose the closer role if he struggles at any point during the season.


Anonymous said...

Last time I'll make this point, and I hope you do the right thing forward - the Hoffman story is ACCORDING TO THE ASSOCIATED PRESS and not according to Rotoworld. All Rotoworld did is take the story and push it, they did not break it, and they are not the source. They're just a middleman. If you're going to credit sources, why not use the ones actually at the root of the news?

Anonymous said...

Wow, Alex has a volunteer ombudsman. Sweet.