Friday, January 2, 2009

Randy Wolf 2009

At the same time that Oliver Perez is getting a lot of interest despite his demands for $70 million over five years, Randy Wolf is being described as 'ballsy' (by Rotoworld) for asking for $30 million over three years. By today's standards, that's chump change, and Wolf is actually a pretty good pitcher...very likely better than Perez. His control is better (3.3 walks per nine innings in 2008), and he allows slightly fewer flyballs (38% ground ball rate in 2008). His strikeout rate isn't even that much worse than Perez', as he struck out 7.6 per game in 2008 and 8.0 per game the previous season. Wolf is going to be a bargain as long as he can stay reasonably healthy.

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