Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Alexei Ramirez 2009

A lot of people seem to be high on Alexei Ramirez in 2009, especially given the weak options available after the top few middle infielders. He certainly put up very acceptable numbers in 2008, but I think he's much more likely to be a disappointment in 2009 than a bargain. He provides a decent combination of power and speed (for his position), and doesn't strike out that much despite the fact that he basically swings at everything. Because of that, there's been some speculation that 'his upside would be Vlad Guerrero'. Actually, Guerrero would be way, way past Ramirez's upside. The problem is, Ramirez is already 27 years old. He's not a young kid with years of improvement ahead of him. If he takes even a smalls step backwards from last year's performance, he's not even really a prospect - just a utility infielder.


Anonymous said...

You're nuts. First, you have to remember he put up those numbers in just 420 ABs while batting at the bottom of the order. Give him another 150-200 ABs at the top of the order, and any decline in his rate states is going to be offset by increases in the other stats. I don't think his top end is Vlad, but tell me how many guys there are with 20+/10+ potential who qualify for SS and bat at the top of the order. If you get to a second hand, you're cheating. Then throw in 2b and OF eligibility to boot.

Alex said...

My point wasn't that he isn't a good fantasy player. Just that he's being overrated going into 2009, and that he's got a lot less upside than people are giving him credit for. Obviously extra ABs should mean higher counting stats, but his rate stats could easily regress.

DrGravitee said...

Hi Alex,

This post has given me pause. I don't know much about Alexei and this point, but I know that I want to like him. So I take it you see him as more of a 10th round pick than a 5th round pick. Anyway, certainly someone to watch in Spring Training.