Sunday, March 23, 2014

Time for something new

If you've ever wanted to try something new, here's a site I'm creating devoted to fantasy volleyball

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fantasy Hockey Data

If you're looking for statistics and data to help you win at fantasy hockey, check out NHL Ice Time. It updates each day to show players with the greatest increases and decreases in playing time in the previous days games compared to their season averages.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Football Advice For 2011

If you're looking for fantasy football advice for 2011, look no further than Fanduel Insider, which has plenty of stuff to help you out in preparation for fantasy football 2011

Monday, August 30, 2010


Three months isn't long to wait to update a blog, right?

Quick update on my teams: The slow draft team is 10th out of 15. Playing part of the season without a second baseman will do that. My bad Online Double Play team just worked it's way up to 5th out 12. That's as high as it's going to make it, as I'm trailing the 4th place team by 17 points. My good Online Double Play team is fighting for first in it's league. Today, I'm in first. But I've been swapping positions on a daily basis with one other team. As recently as two weeks ago, there were six teams shuffling positions daily, but the race seems to have narrowed to three of us now. None of us are anywhere near the top positions in the overall standings.

Monday, May 17, 2010

NFBC Leagues Update

Quick updates on my three NFBC teams...

The slow draft team is still struggling, but at the moment it's moved up from last place to 13th out of 15. Surprisingly, the pitching has been adequate, despite my ending up with only 5 starting pitchers in major league rotations so far. However, my hitting has been awful. The main issue wasn't so much that I didn't try to draft depth. It was that I did a lousy job of identifying players who would receive full time at bats, and have ended up with several part time players in my lineup for part of the season. The most damaging situation has been having to use Kaz Matsui in place of Brian Roberts.

My first NFBC team ( has had a narrow lead for first place for the past couple of weeks. It's surprisingly that it's held an uninterrupted lead for that whole time, because it's definitely one of the lower ranked 1st place teams in the overall contests, varying from a high of 99th overall to a low of around 125th overall during that time. When I drafted the team, it looked like the starting pitching was weak, but getting Ricky Romero, Phil Hughes, and C.J. Wilson has really improved the situation. The one major weakness has been saves, with only Qualls and Dotel as healthy closers. In an attempt to fix that problem, I made my first expensive free agent purchase of the season, winning Jose Contreras for 151 FAAB yesterday. Hopefully he'll get most of the saves while Lidge and Madson are out, and will hold onto the closer job for a while.

My other NFBC team is still struggling, at 10th place out of 12 in its league. Both pitching and hitting have been problems, although the roster still looks respectable in all areas (to me). At this point I think it's safe to say that this team won't be winning me the $60,000 for first place overall, but I do think it has the potential to gain some ground and be competitive in its league. Another month near the bottom of the standings, and I'll change my opinion on that.

I also wanted to responded to a user comment on Chad Qualls. Yes, his statistics stink so far this year. But the last time I checked (a couple of days ago) he had 13 strikeouts and 5 walks (in 13 innings pitched) with a 48% groundball rate. That means he's pitching fine, and has just suffered from a little bit of bad luck so far. As long as Arizona remains patient with him, he should retain all of his value. Normally I'd be very worried that they wouldn't have patience, but their entire bullpen has been so bad this season that they don't seem to have any tempting alternatives for the closer role.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Free Daily Fantasy Baseball Games, Win Cash Prizes

If you've never tried any of the sites with daily fantasy baseball games, now is the perfect time. New players at Fanduel can play in 50 person contests tomorrow (Friday) with the top three finshers in each winning cash prizes of $50, $30, and $20. Just click the ad below (not the one to the right of the screen, which will take you to a different landing page), register, and pick your team. Then sit back, enjoy Friday's games, and win some cash!

FanDuel - Fantasy Baseball Free Game

Friday, April 30, 2010

FAAB Bidding

It's been a while since I posted, so I'll give a quick update on my teams.

The slow draft team ('The Waiver Wire') has been awful. It's firmly planted in last place. Surprisingly, the problem hasn't been the pitching (yet), but my offense is near last in all categories. There's not a lot to say about the team other than this...they say that if you sit down at the poker table and don't know who the sucker is within five minutes, then it's you. What they forget to tell you is that sometimes even when you think that you DO know who the sucker is, you're wrong...and it's you.

The first NFBC Double Play team that I drafted ('') has had a good week, and had moved up to 3rd place in it's league this morning. This league is pretty evenly matched at this point, so much so that the team that was leading yesterday is in 5th today. What's particularly encouraging about my move up is that it's happened despite Cruz and Anderson joining Mike Gonzalez on the DL. The only bad news is that this is the team I didn't think had enough pitching going into the season. My rotation is now Lester, Anderson (DL), Slowey, C.J. Wilson, Hughes, and Romero. That's not awful, but unlikely to score well enough to put me into the running for the top overall teams. I'm also thin at closer, where Qualls and Dotel are my only healthy options...and both look like performance (and health) risks at this point.

The second NFBC Double Play team that I drafted ('') has had a decent weak too, finally moving out of the cellar and up to 10th place. While the team's performance has been disappointing so far, I think it's too early to completely write it off.

One of the features of NFBC that's a new experience for me has been Free Agent Acquisition (FAAB) bidding. Each team gets a budget of $1,000 to bid on players every Sunday night. There are such a wide variety of strategies being used that all sorts of weird situations come up. Several players in my leagues have already gone for more than $100 higher than the next highest bid. One owner in each league has already exhausted more than $700 of their $1,000 budget. For the most part, I'm making frequent small bids, and trying not to treat any one player as a 'must have'. I anticipate using my budget gradually throughout the season to patch lineup holes, and pick up players with favorable schedules. I want to try to avoid filling up my bench with lots of speculative players who may or may not ever have a use...although with my closers struggling I'm finding the that temptation to pick up potential future closers is getting the best of me in some cases.