Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jonathan Broxton 2009

What should be expected from Jonathan Broxton in 2009? With the departure of Takashi Saito, Broxton will close for the Dodgers for the full season. In fact, I would expect a performance very similar to what Saito has provided over the past few years. Broxton's component statistics are similar to Saito's in most regards, although his control may be very slightly worse. That said, he's younger, which means there's more room for improvement, but also more chance that he'd be pulled from the closer role if he struggles at all. As with any player 'risky' player (and I'm using the term loosely in Broxton's case) his value is slightly higher in a format where you can turn over your whole roster at any time than it is in a traditional draft league format, where you'd be stuck with him in the somewhat unlikely event that he doesn't hold down the closer role.

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