Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Huston Street 2009

Huston Street is expected to start the 2009 season as the Colorado Rockies closer. If things go the way I expect, he should end it that way too. Although Street's 2008 numbers (K/9: 9.3, BB/9: 3.6, GB%: 36.2) weren't quite as good as the previous year (K/9: 12.2, BB/9: 2.3, GB%: 40.0), they were still very good. With the limited number of innings relievers pitch, that kind of year to year variance should be expected, and isn't really reason for concern. Of slightly more concern is the perception that Street struggled, and that Manny Corpas would be an adequate replacement. Street has to be downgraded slightly in traditional full season leagues because of the risk that if he has a few bad outings he could lose his job, but in daily leagues he should be considered a top notch closer.

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