Thursday, May 17, 1990

Free $50 Daily Baseball Data Contest

Welcome to the information page for's exclusive daily fantasy baseball contest at Fanduel. All information about the contest can be found here, and to contact us with questions or any other issues, you can email

Contest Duration:
The contest period will last from today (5/17/2010) until Sunday (5/23/2010).

Contest Eligibility:
There are two main criteria for contest eligibility - you must have registered at Fanduel using the affiliate link of and you must make at least one deposit at Fanduel during the contest period. If you haven't already registered at Fanduel, simply click on any of the links on this web page and then register. If you registered previously, and don't know whether you used the affiliate link, send an email to with your Fanduel user name, and we'll get back to you with confirmation within 24 hours.

Contest Prizes:
1st Prize: $25
2nd Prize: $15
3rd Prize: $10

Contest Scoring:
Prizes will be awarded to the people who achieve the three highest scores in Fanduel real money contests during the contest period. Each participant will only be eligible to receive one contest prize. If you believe that you've recorded what may be a top three prize, please notify us by emailing with the contest number and your final score. We'll verify all scores prior to awarding prizes.

Other Information:
-We will add $10 to any prize winner's award if they sent us (at a notification of their high score within 24 hours of it being achieved, so that we can post daily updates of the top known scores recorded by participants.
-Prizes will be deposited into participants Fanduel accounts within two weeks of contest completion(and may then be withdrawn at any time).
-You can enter as many contests at Fanduel as you want during the contest period to try out different lineups in an attempt to record the highest score.