Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jon Garland 2009

Jon Garland hasn't been much of a major league pitcher, but with the announcement of his signing by the Arizona Diamondbacks, his career should be safe for now. Although Arizona is a tough park for pitchers, that will more than be compensated for by the move from the American League to the National League. Garland has consistently had strikeout rates between 4.0 and 4.9, with good but not exceptional control. His groundball rate has fluctuated from year to year. If he can match last year's 49.9%, then he'll be moderately successful. If he reverts to 2007's 39.4% then his results are going to be pretty. On balance, pitching in the National League, Garland is not likely to quite bad enough to be worth targeting with your hitters in leagues with daily transactions, but he certainly isn't someone who I'd want any my team (regardless of format).

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