Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tim Redding 2009

The Mets reportedly made an offer to Tim Redding yesterday. As a Mets fan, the prospect of Redding in the rotation in 2009 doesn't exactly have me jumping for joy. Last season he had a K/9 of 5.9 and a BB/9 of 3.2, while maintaining a 39.8% groundball rate. Very mediocre. And that was his best season since 2003. At 30 years old, it seems more likely to be an outlier than a true new talent level. Although in fairness to Redding, it was also his first full season as a starter in the majors since 2003. If he can repeat his 2008 performance, Redding is an adequate fifth starter. If he regresses to his 2004-2007 level, then he's the type of player you should be targeting when selecting hitters in daily formats. Especially when he goes on the road to some of the better hitters' parks.

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