Thursday, January 22, 2009

Aaron Heilman 2009

For 2009, Aaron Heilman definitely falls into the 'wait and see' category. He won't be worth a draft pick at the start of the season except in the very deepest leagues. Among the factors working against him are switching from the National League to the American League, switching from pitching in relief to starting, and the fact that he was just plain awful in 2008. While his strikeout rate was better than it had been the past few years, his control was terrible (5.0 BB/9) and his groundball rate decreased to 40.8%. If Heilman can get his control back, then he's likely to be a moderately effective starting pitcher. However, his upside is limited, and usually such a drastic change in control either indicates health problems or mental problems...neither of which is good news for his fantasy future.

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