Monday, April 13, 2009

Why Draftbug Is Better Than Snapdraft

For those of you who haven't had the chance to do a direct comparison of Draftbug and Snapdraft, I figured I'd provide a list of some of the differences. Since I'm obviously somewhat biased, I'll stick with undisputable facts, and I'll acknowledge up front that most people feel that Snapdraft has an appealing look and feel as well as a good level of traffic. That said, here's what Draftbug has:

1. Lower Rake. Snapdraft is charging you 20% fees per contest you play in. That's very hard to overcome, no matter how good you are. It means that you're less likely to come out ahead in the long run, and more likely to lose all your money after playing in a smaller number of contests.

2. Chat Box. Our chat area gives the site a more fun, communal feel, because you have the opportunity to get to know your opponents, talk strategy, ask questions, and do some friendly trash talking.

3. Live Drafts. Like other sites, we have standard 'salary cap' type contests. But unlike Snapdraft and others, we offer 'live draft' contests. These are great for those who think that draft day is the best day of the fantasy baseball season.

4. Flexible Contest Formats. We can (and do) set up contests with a variety of formats. If you have ideas for a scoring option or roster configuration that you think would be fun, let us know and we'll set up for you.

5. Guaranteed Cotnests. Once two people are entered in a contest, we won't cancel it or reduce matter how many people were supposed to be entered.

Try Draftbug daily fantasy baseball contests today and see the difference!

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