Saturday, April 18, 2009

Red Sox at Fenway Against Adam Eaton....Hmmm...

As the headline says, the Red Sox are at home today against Adam Eaton. I may have spoken too soon the other day when I declared the Texas match-up for the day 'about as good a match-up as you'll find all year'. It turns out that good match-up aren't as unusual as I had remembered! Anytime a team is at home in a good hitters' park against a bad pitcher, you should be looking to use as many of their hitters as possible. That's particularly easy to implement in salary cap leagues and daily contest leagues where you're able to set an entirely new lineup every day. In any case, in addition to their stars, Drew and Lowell offer nice mid priced alternatives for today's games.

The Yankees also have a very good match-up today, as they're at home against Carmona. I know that a lot of people think Carmona is a good pitcher who has just hit some rough patches, but I don't buy it. At his best, his low strikeout rate would still make him a marginally effective pitcher. And guys like Damon and Teixeira tend to score big points against guys as wild as him.

On the pitching side, Santana and Lincecum appear to be the best, but as usual it depends on your scoring system. There are many good starting pitching options today.

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