Monday, April 13, 2009

4/13: Favorable Matchups For Mets, Rangers, Royals and White Sox Hitters

It looks like today's games feature favorable matchups for the Mets, Rangers, Royals, and White Sox hitters.

Actually, there's some guesswork involved with the Mets hitters. Walter Silva is one of the few players for whom I couldn't easily find any historical stats. Until he proves otherwise, I'm assuming he's pretty bad. And I'm assuming for now that Citi Field is similar to Shea. I believe it may be an even better pitchers' park though. So proceed with caution on the Mets hitters.

The Rangers and Royals hitters are at home in good hitters parks. The Rangers face Uehara, who I've projected to be fairly average pitcher. The Royals face Fausto Carmona, who is terrible (although he won't allow many home runs).

The White Sox situation isn't quite as favorable, since they're on the road in Detroit (a decent pitchers' park), but Miner is a bad enough pitcher that its still a good situation for the Chicago hitters.

On the pitching side, Billingsley looks like the best pick in mosts daily contest formats, with a number of decent alternatives in Slowey, Kazmir, Lilly, Greinke, and Gallardo, and Volquez.

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Pernell said...

Hey Alex, can you post favorable matchups a day before the play. I can't make any pickups and start a pitcher on the day they pitch. Thanks.