Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Too Much Fun

Going into the season I was planning to play 6 different formats of fantasy baseball - Yahoo, Draftbug, Playspex, ESPN Baseball Challenge, The Sporting News Salary Cap Challenge, and Salary Cap Baseball for Facebook.

It turns out that on top of daily writing for two blogs, weekly writing for two other websites, and promoting a contest site, that's something I'm incapable of. I've already dropped Playspex and Salary Cap Baseball for Facebook. They simply felt like too much 'work' to be worthwhile. Yahoo and TSN I'll play the full season because I've committed to it, I'm enjoying the ESPN format so far, and best of all I'm absolutely LOVING Draftbug. I realize I'm not the most objective reviewer of the site, but the challenge of picking daily lineups combined with the freedom to only enter contests on days when I have the time to devote to it make it the perfect format for me. I (and three other players) will be writing about our experiences playing the game on a daily basis at Draftbug Millionaire.

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