Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today's Daily Fantasy Baseball Contest Matchups

A number of teams seem to have really favorable matchups for hitters today. The Blue Jays benefit from home field advantage against Matt Harrison, who is one of the weakest regular starting pitchers in the majors right now. The Indians have a similar situation against Brian Bannister. Interestingly, in the Giants-Padres match-up, its the Giants where some of the players have a particularly good match up, despite the presence of Barry Zito on the mound for them. That's because Chris Young, while a pretty good pitcher, is so awful at holding runners on base. Any players on the Giants who are capable of stealing bases will benefit.

On the pitching side, Sabathia looks to be the best pick for the day (at least under Draftbug scoring rules), with Haren, Lee, and Hamels as the next best options. Because it's unclear if he's fully healthy, I'd probably steer clear of Hamels for now. But despite his poor results this season, I think Lee is just fine and makes a nice pick in multi player contests, where he's not likely to get selected by many other people.

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