Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Today's MLB Schedule

Today's MLB schedule features a bunch of early games, lots of good pitching, a number of favorable matchups for hitters, and some risk of rain for most of the favorable hitting situations.

On the pitching side, my top three rated players are Santana, Lincecum, and Kazmir. However, exact ratings will depend on your scoring system, and guys like Gallardo, Greinke, Myers and Vazquez should all score well.

For hitters, the best situations are those for the Orioles, Phillies, Rangers, Rockies and Yankees. Although the first three of those are all at some risk of rain, none appear to particularly likely at this point to be rained out.

If you're playing Draftbug, some of the players that were especially good bargains were repriced earlier this week, but guys like Spilborghs, Swisher, and a number of the Orioles players still look like great values. Using these guys will make it easier to get a few of the star players with good matchups too.

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