Sunday, February 22, 2009

Poker and Fantasy Baseball

I joined me first league of the season a few days ago. This is actually the first money league I've done with a fairly standard format in several years, as my focus has primarily been on Rotohog. It's a 5 * 5 daily transactions Yahoo league, that replaces batting average with on base percentage. I don't know the people in the league personally, and don't really know how good they are. What I do know is that all of them are very serious poker players...with several of them either supporting themselves through poker or hoping to get good enough to do so. That probably means that they're generally going to be pretty good at fantasy baseball too, although if I'm lucky they'll be playing eight or ten tables of poker instead of focusing on our draft! The draft is March 2nd, and I'll post an update here once I've got my team.

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Buffalo66 said...

I think you will find that most poker players don't have the attention span for season-long fantasy games.

Unless there is a serious prop bet or big cash prizes involved, I suspect one or more players would "give up" (dormant roster) before the season ends.