Monday, February 9, 2009

Adam Jones 2009

Adam Jones basically has one thing going for him: he's young. Jones is only 23 years old, and when it comes to hitters, that can mean a lot. Young players not only have more time to improve, but the younger they are the faster they're likely to improve too. That said, there are definitely some negative indicators in Jones' record. Not only did he not show much power in 2008, but he also hit very few doubles (which are often a good indicator of developing power). Along with his mediocre batting average, Jones had a very bad strikeout to walk ratio. Even in Jones' best season in the minor leagues (2007 at AAA) his walk rate was extremely low. While Jones has time to improve and justify the hype that surrounded him as a prospect, I wouldn't put my money on him becoming much better than an average major league hitter.

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Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if Jones' performance to date in '09 is the result of luck, some fundamental change, or the fact that his '08 injury history is behind him. Thanks