Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kyle Kendrick 2009

Kyle Kendrick appears to be the leading candidate for the #5 spot in the Phillies starting rotation for 2009. That's definitely not something that Philadelphia fans should be thrilled about. In 2007, Kendrick was mediocre, striking out out only 3.8 batters per nine innings, but partially making up for the low strikeout rate with good control (BB/9: 2.0) and lots of groundballs (47.1%). Unfortunately, Kendrick took a step backwards in all areas in 2008, as he struck out only 3.6, walked 3.1, and had a groundball rate of 44.3%. Those numbers simply aren't good enough to be a major league starting pitcher, and Kendrick is going to need to show some improvement or Philadelphia management may catch on to the fact that he isn't very good. In the meantime, we can profit by targeting hitters who are facing him when his turn in the rotation comes around!

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