Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Assorted Stuff

I won't have time to do any strategy or profile threads today. Just a few assorted odds and ends.

Just five more days in the February promotion at Draftbug. New accounts get funded with $4 worth of player points free until the end of the month.

I've mentioned before that I won Rotohog's 2008 Baseball contest. They launched the 2009 one yesterday, and the prizes were reduced...basically to nothing. The 2007 winner has already publicly said that he probably won't be playing, and while I haven't made a decision yet, I certainly won't be taking it very seriously this year.

Last, thanks to everyone who's been visiting The Waiver Wire. I appreciate all your feedback...even the anonymous commenter who asked "Are you an idiot?" a few days ago. If any of you have questions or topics that you'd like me to cover, just send an email or make a comment!

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