Monday, February 16, 2009

Pablo Sandoval 2009

Pablo Sandoval shows exactly the kind of progression you want to see in a young player. He's 22 years old, has been younger than most of his competition at every level he's played, and has shown a general improvement in stats. While he's always been able to hit for average, Sandoval has begun to hit home runs. That's going to be important to his future as a potential fantasy star, since his move from catcher to 1B/3B sets the bar a lot higher on what he needs to accomplish as a hitter. While Sandoval has a lower walk rate than you'd usually want to see in a top prospect, his ability to avoid strikeouts at all levels (including the majors) means that he should have a good chance of continuing to hit for a high average. Sandoval is a good prospect in any case, but if he somehow has 2009 catcher eligibility in your league, then he's almost certainly going to be a great target on draft day.

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