Friday, February 6, 2009

Mock Draft

I participated in my first mock draft last night. I'll post some thoughts on it over the next few days, but for starters here's the roster I ended up with:

1B Lyle Overbay TOR R22 P5
2B Ian Kinsler TEX R1 P8
2B Dustin Pedroia BOS R3 P8
3B Garrett Atkins COL R7 P8
3B Casey Blake LA R21 P8
3B Ian Stewart COL R24 P5
SS Jhonny Peralta CLE R13 P8
C Mike Napoli ANA R11 P8
C A.J. Pierzynski CHW R19 P8
OF Manny Ramirez LA R2 P5
OF Nick Markakis BAL R4 P5
OF Nate McLouth PIT R6 P5
OF Nelson Cruz TEX R10 P5
OF Conor Jackson ARI R17 P8
SP Brandon Webb ARI R5 P8
SP Scott Kazmir TB R8 P5
SP John Danks CHW R18 P5
SP Andy Pettitte NYY R20 P5
SP Jeremy Bonderman DET R23 P8
SP Clay Buchholz BOS R25 P8
RP Joba Chamberlain NYY R9 P8
RP Trevor Hoffman MIL R12 P5
RP Mike Gonzalez ATL R14 P5
RP Joey Devine OAK R15 P8
RP Joel Hanrahan WAS R16 P5

Given my lack of preparation I thought I did ok. The projections on Mock Draft Central (which I'd take with a grain of salt) actually project me to 'win' the league, although I think they're overrating my offense and underrating my starting pitching. I think Danks, Bonderman and Pettitte were absolute steals where I got them. If I had known how long they'd last I wouldn't have taken Kazmir when I did. My first round pick of Kinsler (ahead of Cabrera, Howard, and others) was questionable. I also messed up by not realizing that Shin Soo Choo was available when I selected Overbay. I would have picked Choo several rounds earlier if I had noticed him on the list. Luckily, despite not realizing that Ben Sheets is out for most of the year, I wasn't the poor sucker who took him.


Dave said...

That was a lot of fun. Looking forward to more commentary on it.

I wish those projections would show you the stats behind it. Would be fun to compare to the numbers each of us was using on our own.

Interesting that despite picking two 2B in the first three picks, your offense is really quite good.

Agreed about Choo.

Dave said...

"those projections" = the mock draft central projected standings

Alex said...

Dave - I think my offense is good BECAUSE of those two 2B.