Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bobby Abreu 2009

Bobby Abreu is drawing virtually no interest as a free agent this offseason. The Mets actually had the nerve to express an interest in signing him...but only if its to a one year contract at less than four million dollars per year. There are bat boys with better deals than that. Don't be fooled though. Abreu is still a good baseball player, and more importantly an excellent fantasy player. He hit .296 with 20 HR and 22 SB along with 100 runs and 100 RBI last year. The previous year he was better in every singly category except batting average. Even assuming the normal decline you'd expect in a player who will be 35 years old for the entire season, Abreu is still going to help your team in most (if not all categories). While not an elite fantasy pick, Abreu is definitely worth taking for 2009 if he begins to slide in your draft.

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