Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fantasy Baseball Updates Including WCOFB

Notes on a few fantasy baseball odds and ends...

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The slow mock draft that I mentioned a couple of days ago is underway. I picked 10th out of 12. I was hoping that Prince Fielder would fall to me, but he went one pick earlier. I ended up with Ryan Howard at #10 and Joe Mauer at #15. The best potential alternatives would have been Miguel Cabrera instead of Howard, and Carl Crawford instead of Mauer.

I'm still waiting to see if a number of sites are going to launch baseball contests this year. One that has added some detail this week is the WCOFB. It's organized by the same folks who do the WCOFF. The main event will have a $1,600 entry fee, pay out league prizes, and a grand prize with value of $200,000. The one odd thing is that I can't find a mention of other prizes for the top overall finishers. If that's the case, you could potentially finish 2nd in your league and overall, and get only $2,500 back for your $1,600 entry fee. More realistically, someone WILL win their league and finish 2nd overall...and get back only $6,000, just like any other league winner.


DrBGiantsfan said...

I like the Howard/Mauer combination. I might have preferred Miggy with the first pick because of a better BA, but his personal issues are concerning. Mauer at #15 is a great pickup, provided he stays healthy.

Anonymous said...

The World Championship of Fantasy Sports has awarded over $12M to the elite fantasy football players as part of the World Championship of Fantasy Football since 2002.

March 26-28, 2010 will mark the debut of the World Championship of Fantasy Baseball, featuring an industry leading $200,000 Overall Award to the 2010 World Champion.

Live drafts will be held at The Venetian Las Vegas and Grand Hyatt at Grand Central Station in New York City, bringing the best of the best in fantasy baseball together to compete for this prestigious title.

Registration is available online at or by calling 636-728-1118.

Main Event Entry Fee - $1,600, plus a $150 Events Fee

League Awards:

1st - $6,000
2nd - $2,500
3rd - $1,500
Overall Awards:

1st - $200,000
2nd - $50,000
3rd - $20,000
4th - $10,000
5th - $7,500
6th - $5,000
7th - $2,500
8th - $2,000
9th - $1,500
10th - $1,500

Statistics for the 2010 World Championship of Fantasy Baseball will be provided by STATS INC. Commissioner services will be provided by Real Time Fantasy Sports, the same statistics providers that have managed the World Championship of Fantasy Football for the past several seasons.