Thursday, February 8, 2007

Pelfrey and Humber

So I took a quick look over their stats after posting Eric's thoughts on Humber and Pelfrey, and I agree with him. Other than Humber's injury, there's not much to separate the two in their stats, and Pelfrey isn't really worthy of the hype he's getting. Both had outstanding K rates in college with good control, both blew through A ball, had excellent K rates with relatively ok control in limited exposure to AA, and neither has proven anything yet at AAA or in the majors. If you think that Pelfrey has already proven anything at the higher levels, take a look at his K/BB rates.


Anonymous said...

Its a travesty you don't have on the right link.

Does anyone that is serious about fantasy baseball not use their player notes?

Alex said...

Good point. I'll add them right now.