Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cla Meredith

A lot of people are very high on Cla Meredith going into this season, and with good reason. He's got a pretty good strikeout rate, great control, and had more than a 2:1 ground ball to fly ball ratio in his first season in the majors. That said, I those who consider him the best middle reliever in baseball may be disappointed this year for a couple reasons. First of all, he got really lucky last with the % of hits he allowed on balls in play. Secondly, his minor league record doesn't really suggest the kind of amazing control he showed in 2006, so there is some risk that his walk rate will increase. He's obviously not going to repeat the 1.07 ERA, but he's going to be pretty good. Worst case would be something like Chad Bradford (in a good year). Best case would be a whole lot better.

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