Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Baseball in China

Since I began this blog, according to the data I get from Google, I've had a few visitors from China, including someone from Suzhou who appears to visit the blog every day. The past two days, I've had significantly more Chinese visitors...people from 5 or 6 cities in China have visited. I'm really interested in learning where this traffic is coming from...is baseball that popular in China? Is this just some weird internet thing where Google is incorrectly determining where people are from? If you read this blog and you're in China, please post in the comments or send me an email (zelvin30@hotmail.com) to let me know about yourself, how you found out about the blog, and about baseball's status in China!


Anonymous said...

dude, everyone is tired of your requests for 'tell me who you are... I can't believe that people are actually reading my blog'. Stop stroking yourself, and stop showing your immaturity. We don't want to read post after post about how you are really curious to find out why people are checking this site.

Alex said...

Sorry it bothers you. My intention isn't to 'stroke myself'...there are blogs with 20 times the number of readers I have, so I'm in no position to brag. I want to know about the people who are visiting the site so that I can post about topics they're likely to find interesting.

your reader said...

Hi, I'm your regular reader of blog from Taiwan.

Baseball is the most popular sports in Taiwan. But In China, soccer or basketball are far more popular than baseball. Baseball has yet to find its way into the sports culture there. Depite some helps from Japan or U.S trying to develop baseball in China, it has received minimal attention.

Winning a Olympic baseball medal in 2008 or produce a baseball Yao Ming probably will explode the popularity of baseball in China. They really need some excitement to get more people loving and watching it.

NoPepperGames said...

Check the login times on the Chinese visitor - it's most likely a bot that is inventorying the web. There's also a Google bot that goes around, but I can't remember its location. They're usually on the website for about a second.