Saturday, February 27, 2010

NFBC Slow Draft Mistake Picks

A few people have asked me which picks I considered mistakes by my opponents in the NFBC slow draft. I'll focus on some of the ones where I think that clearly superior options were still available at the same positions.

Ubaldo Jimenez before Hamels, Peavy, and Carpenter.
Matt Cain before Lackey, Billingsley, and Anderson.
David Aardsma before Jenks, Soriano, and Qualls.
Jason Frasor before Lidge, Gonzalez, Nunez, and Wood.
Jeff Niemann before Lilly, Buchholz, and Kuroda.

Someone also asked me about my strategy for closers. This was a case where I went for quantity over quality. Here are my picks since the last update:

Rd. 13, Pick #189: Nolan Reimold
Rd. 14 Pick #202: Kerry Wood
Rd. 15 Pick #219: Kevin Gregg
Rd. 16 Pick #232: Juan Rivera

In a league where the average team is going to have only two closers, I think having Soriano, Wood, and Gregg should work out fine.


Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with you on Cain and Ubaldo, I think they are both better than the other 3 guys you site in each case.

The other mistake picks look horrendous! You must be drafting with some real idiots if they took Fraser before established guys. Do they not realize that Gregg was brought in?

You better find some tougher competition.

DrBGiantsfan said...

I agree with the first comment. I also don't think Lilly or Kuroda are healthy, so I would take Niemann ahead of them. Bucholz probably has a higher ceiling than Niemann, but we're still waiting for the breakout. Tossup there.

Alex said...

There are obviously going to be lots of differences of opinion on this stuff. I probably should have included longer lists of who was still available. I think this is where the draft will be won or lost, not in the first 7 or 8 rounds where everyone seems to be using relatively similar rankings.

Anonymous - This is for money...the worse my competition, the better. Although frankly, there's only one team that seems to really be in over their head on this one.

Anonymous said...

Is the team that took Fraser the one that is really in over their heads?