Friday, February 26, 2010

Catching Up On My NFBC Slow Draft

Here's the latest update on my team in the NFBC slow draft league. Keep in mind that this is a 15 team, 45 round draft, and that there will be no in season trading or free agent acquisition.

Rd. 1, #9: Prince Fielder
Rd. 2, #22: Jose Reyes
Rd. 3, #39: Brian Roberts
Rd. 4, #52: Aramis Ramirez
Rd. 5, #69: Matt Wieters
Rd. 6, #82: Javier Vazquez
Rd. 7, #99: Carlos Quentin
Rd. 8, #112: Chad Billingsley
Rd. 9, #129: Garret Jones
Rd. 10, #142: Kurt Suzuki
Rd. 11, #159: Rafael Soriano
Rd. 12, #172: Roy Oswalt

Overall, the guys in my league appear to be doing a good job with their drafts, although there have been a number of pitching picks in the past two or three rounds that I think were mistakes. That's not surprisingly, since I generally form strong opinions on pitchers, while being more of a crowd follower when it comes to evaluating hitters.

It's also worth noting that the NFBC released ADP ranking from earlier slow drafts yesterday or the day before, which may help people avoid reaching for players who could be drafted many rounds later.


Anonymous said...

i went to find the nfbc adp rankings and could not find them. probably my own ineptness but could you please post a link? thanks mike

Alex said...

Mike - They're only distributing them by email to those who signed up for an NFBC contest this year, and it seems like they're mostly doing it upon request. If you're registered, send an email to and he'll send you the list.

Anonymous said...

ok thanks

Anonymous said...

I begin with the disclaimer that I am one of your competitors in this draft. Best wishes to you this year. Who are the pitchers that were mistakes to pick in this part of the draft and why?

Anonymous said...

What is your plan for closers? If there are no free agent pickups I would assume you would want 2 rock solid options because you can't chase saves on the waiver wire. Were closers taken early which left you too far behind to try to catch up or do you have a different strategy?