Monday, February 22, 2010

NFBC Slow Draft: First Four Rounds

A few days ago, I mentioned the slow draft I'm participating in at NFBC. It's a 15 team league, and we're about half way through the fifth round right now. I'll have to be careful not to discuss my plans in too much detail, because my competitors are aware of this blog. I'll talk more about my plan for the season after the draft is over (which should be in about a month). That said, here are my first four picks:

Rd. 1, #9: Prince Fielder
Rd. 2, #22: Jose Reyes
Rd. 3, #39: Brian Roberts
Rd. 4, #52: Aramis Ramirez

I've already had two players get taken one pick before my turn - McCann in the 3rd round and Lind in the 5th round. That said, I'm reasonably happy with how things are going. I wanted either Fielder or Cabrera in the 1st round, and both ended up being available. I was hoping Reyes would make it to me in the 2nd round, and have no idea who I would have taken if he wasn't.


Anonymous said...

alex if one were to start/join a fantasy league that only used one or two categories for hitters and pitchers which categories would you choose? i would think ops for hitters would be one and which do you think of pitchers? or maybe two each if one wanted to include steals and saves? any thoughts? thanks mike

Lawr Michaels said...

You can only lose a draft in the first three rounds, and you sure as hell just did. Nice donation.


Alex said...

Lawr - If a nagging injury to my 3rd round pick is all it takes to put me out of contention in a league, then either I'm a lot worse at this than I think or there's a lot less skill than I think. Roberts' injury is disappointing, but hardly a deathblow.