Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Yahoo Draft Results

The results of the Yahoo draft I mentioned earlier are below. Overall I thought it went pretty well given the extreme lack of preparation. The only two real flaws were:

1. Both offensive players on my bench are 3B. I'll need to trade or drop one of them before the season, so I can get an OF to fill in on days when my OF have the day off.

2. I picked 6 SP. I like all of them, but I know that my strategy for these leagues works best with only 4 or 5 SP. Instead of Olsen or Lilly I would have been better off picking a top 5 MR (Neshek and Broxton were still available), a potential closer (some of the guys from Florida, Tampa Bay, and Cincinnati were still available), or a top 10 MR with a very slight chance of ending up somewhere as a closer (Linebrink). As it is, I'm probably going to end up dropping one of the SP I picked, unless I'm able to trade them or someone gets hurt. I'm not too hopeful about trades, since I won't be devoting too much time to this league.

C: Mauer
1B: Fielder
2B: Kinsler
3B: Wright
SS: Ramirez
OF: Crawford
OF: Dunn
OF: Rios
Util: Thome
BN: Beltre
BN: Gordon

SP: Myers
SP: Hamels
RP: Lidge
RP: Saito
P: Patterson
P: Bush
P: Lilly
BN: Olsen
BN: Owens
BN: Shields

I'd love to hear some comments on what people think of this draft!


Steve G. said...

Not bad, although your pitching could use some help. I like your offense though, pretty well rounded. Here is my latest blog entry to my site. Can you believe Cbs Sportsline was down during my live draft!!! At any rate I should be posting my CBS h2h head live draft tonight or tommorow. Steve


Ratdog said...

I don’t comment much, but visit your site often (good articles). Your line-up is peppered with guys I have targeted as well, so from my perspective, a good draft. To really evaluate your draft, let us know if it’s Roto or H2H, # of teams and scoring categories. But from you draft I can assume a 12 Team H2H. Now on to my critique:

The following is my guess of your picks in order. Also, I believe you picked in the 11th spot:

1 OF: Crawford
2 3B: Wright
3 C: Mauer
4 SS: Ramirez
5 Util: Thome
6 OF: Dunn
7 1B: Fielder
8 OF: Rios
9 SP: Myers
10 SP: Hamels
11 RP: Lidge
12 RP: Saito
13 2B: Kinsler
14 BN: Beltre
15 P: Patterson
16 BN: Gordon
17 P: Bush
18 BN: Olsen
19 P: Lilly
20 BN: Shields
21 BN: Owens

Dislikes of your draft:
Mauer in the 3rd, which really affected the rest of your draft. When you take a C that early (albeit the best one), the ripple effect goes all the way through the entire draft. For example, I can only assume you went into the draft with a thought of drafting Mauer, but had you not you may not have taken Wright at pick 14, someone like Hafner may have been a good fit and then you could have come back with a Atkins or A. Ramirez (though I am an Atkins fan big time). The Hafner pick would have then allowed you to pass on Thome and target Matsui ( who I expect to exceed his draft value this yr) and would have been a better fit than Dunn. Of course these iterations or mental gymnastics are endless. I just feel that with a catcher that early, the far reaching affects are too much for what you gain.

Not a big fan of Beltre. R. Martin or R. Hernandez would probably have been available here (going back to my early C argument  ) or even an E. Encarnacion would be better in my book. What about Valverde here? He did tout him in a previous article I believe.

Like the 5 –tools guys you picked up in your first 2 picks. And I have even grown to like Thome at rd 5 or 6…though I think F. Thomas is a better value 4 or 5 rounds later. Skipping Thome may have allowed you a crack at Peavy or Felix to anchor your rotation.

Love the 2 RP’s you got on the corner at rd 11 and 12 and I am in complete agreement with you on waiting on 2b to the mid to late rounds. Kinsler indicators tell us he should do well this year and he should move up in the batting order.

Patterson is a good pick in Rd 15, though I may have waited just one more round. And lastly, Love the Olsen and Shields picks. Two high K guys that late will do well.

Aside from the Mauer pick, this would have been a team I may have drafted. I do think, which you eluded to, that another reliever would have been good, but that can be fixed in season…but Valverde would sure have been nice. Very good draft all around. I grade it a solid B and possibly a B+!