Tuesday, March 13, 2007

First Draft

In about 2 minutes I'll be starting my first draft of the season. Its a Yahoo Public league, and I should mention that I haven't prepared for it at all - no valuations, no pre-ranking, nothing. I don't have a lot emotionally invested in winning the league, although I certainly expect to win. I'm entering it because if I'm going to be making recommendations throughout the season on what undervalued pitchers to pick up, I want to be using those suggestions myself. I'll post the results sometime after the draft. The basics of my strategy are:
1. I'll be rotating in a ton of middle relievers, so I only need about 3 starting pitchers and 3 closers.
2. Draft hitting early.
3. There is generally a position surplus in the OF in Yahoo leagues.
4. Draft high risk, high reward players late in the draft.

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