Thursday, March 15, 2007

Home Run Mania

You may have noticed the description of and link to another fantasy baseball game on the right side of the screen. This one is called Home Run Mania, and while it lacks some of the intricacy of other games, it's ideal for those who don't have the time to devote to preparation, lengthy drafts, and in-season transactions. Basically the idea is that you choose a team of 8 players who hit a total of less than 200 home runs last year, and your score is the number of home runs that those players hit over the course of the 2007 season. At least 80% of the entry money will be distributed in monthly and season long prizes to the highest finishers, which compares favorably with sites such as CBS Sportsline whose public leagues give out barely 50% of entry fees in prize money.

Three announcements that are somewhat related to Home Run Mania:
1. If you register to play it, please let them know I sent you, either by selecting 'The Waiver Wire' in the drop down that indicates where you heard about the game, or by letting me know you signed up with them, or by putting waiverwire as your referral code. Here is the link to play Home Run Mania.

2. If you send me an email to be included on my mailing list, I'll send you what I think is the optimal selection of players for the game.

3. I'm going to be taking entries for the first contest I've run here. Sort of a mini-Home Run Mania. Entry is free. Pick any 3 hitters who totaled a maximum of 50 home runs in the major leagues in 2006. Email me your picks. Unless you specify otherwise, I'll add you to my mailing list, and I will be sending out standings to members of the list periodically throughout the season. At the end of the season, I'll announce the winner. In addition to bragging rights, the winner will receive the choice of either writing a guest article on the topic of their choice (anything non-offensive or controversial to me) or of having me write an article on the topic of their choice (again, within reason, but doesn't have to baseball related). You can use this as an opportunity to promote a web site of your own, advertise a commerical venture you're involved in, look for a job, help a charity...whatever you want.

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