Thursday, March 15, 2007

More About My Yahoo Draft

In the comments section for the post where I showed the results of my Yahoo Draft, ratdog gave a really good assessment of my draft. For anyone who's interested, I suggest reading what he wrote. The league is a 12 team, daily transaction, 5*5 rotisserie scoring league.

Here is the actual order of my picks:
1. (12) Carl Crawford OF
2. (13) David Wright 3B
3. (36) Hanley Ramírez SS
4. (37) Joe Mauer C
5. (60) Adam Dunn OF
6. (61) Prince Fielder 1B
7. (84) Brett Myers SP
8. (85) Cole Hamels SP
9. (108) Álex Ríos OF
10. (109) Brad Lidge RP
11. (132) John Patterson SP
12. (133) Jim Thome Util
13. (156) Takashi Saito RP
14. (157) Ian Kinsler 2B
15. (180) Dave Bush SP
16. (181) Adrián Béltre 3B
17. (204) Alex Gordon 3B
18. (205) Ted Lilly SP
19. (228) Scott Olsen SP
20. (229) Henry Owens RP
21. (252) Scot Shields RP

I like my pitching staff, and believe that combined with rotating in a ton of good middle relievers in favorable situations, I should win most of the pitching categories (other than saves unless I can get more closers) despite my lack of a true ace.

As I mentioned before, my biggest mistake was getting two 3B for my bench. I won't be able to fill in when players in other positions have the day off or get injured. The best hitter available on waivers right now is Frank Thomas, and he wouldn't solve my position flexibility issue - I really need an OF. I haven't taken the time to see who's available yet. One of the great things about shallow daily leagues is that you don't need a star at every can often make do with an ok player going against a weak pitcher in a hitter's park.

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Nimrod said...

I don't think your pitching staff is all that great, but I really like your top 6 picks. If you only managed to get Myres and Hamels, Lidge and Patterson on the next 4 of 5 picks, it would seem to me that other teams were really loading up on aces. I think you'll have a hard time winning most of the pitching categories.
On the other hand, getting Thome at round 12 is fantastic.
It would be interesting to look at the complete draft results.