Friday, March 6, 2009

Kevin Slowey 2009

Kevin Slowey is one of the best control pitchers in the major leagues right now. Last season he struck out 7.3 batters per nine innings, while walking only 1.4. His only real weakness is that he's an extreme flyball pitcher. In 2008 he had a 36.1% groundball rate, and it was even worse in his major league starts in 2007. Slowey's minor league record was incredibly consistent (and in line with what he's done in the majors so far), and at 24 years old, Slowey has plenty of opportunity to improve. Slowey is a bargain in most fantasy league drafts in 2009, and his great control allows him to pitch deep in many of his starts.

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Dave said...

Completely agreed. Makes a nice late round pick. This may be the last year that will happen.