Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fantasy Sports Freerolls & Online Live Drafts

A few new announcements regarding my site Draftbug. For those of you who haven't tried it out yet, Draftbug is similar to Snapdraft and Fantasysportslive, with daily fantasy contests for real money or play money. It's a perfect way to make watching the day's games more exciting, without any longer term time commitment. And for those of you who are good at it, it's a great way to make some money.

We ended up continuing our February Draftbug promotion into March. Registration is free, and all new accounts are given 4,000 player points, which allows entry into $4 of real money contests. You can get a bankroll started with no initial deposit! I know that I had said we wouldn't be doing that past the end of February, and I promise this isn't like one of those furniture stores that have been 'going out of business' for the past twenty years. The decision to continue the promotion wasn't made until the night of March 1st.

We've just started running online live draft contests at Draftbug for the NBA and NHL. For those of you who enjoy drafting fantasy teams more than actually managing them for the season, these are perfect. You participate in an online 'snake draft', and win or lose depending on how your players do in that night's games. To encourage participation in these, we're even offering an NHL live draft freeroll today! The prize is small ($2), but how often do you get paid to do something really fun?


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