Monday, March 2, 2009

Curtis Granderson 2009

I have to admit, I don't really understand why so many fantasy players have a fascination with Curtis Granderson and his 'potential'. The man is going to be 28 years old in two weeks. The time for potential is past, and the time to perform is now. He's hit over .300 once (just barely). He's stolen over 12 bases just once. His career high in home runs is 23. His career high in RBIs is 74. Basically he's going to score a lot of runs and hit a lot of triples. For most full season leagues, those triples are worth the same as a single. I think his ranking in most draft is because he's an athletic guy who hasn't been in the majors for that long. People just assume that he's younger than he is, and that he's going to continue to improve. Don't count on it!


smiff said...

Try playing in a sim league - you would appreciate him more.

Alex said...

I can see how that might be the case.

Anonymous said...

Can't disagree that he's at his peak, rather than growing. But, I don't see his ranking in drafts as out of whack. His ranking in 2007 was 32, and last year when he missed a little due to injury was 70. Currently, he's median draft position is 52, solidly in the middle of his value over the last two years. And, I'd add that he is one of those players with an excellent work ethic and with a well-balanced skill set of both power and speed, so I see him possibly growing and/or holding his value better than most players his age.