Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today's MLB Matchups

I've got a much more detailed write-up of today's match-ups and ratings posted at The Hardball times today, but in short:

-Cubs hitters(especially speedy ones, since they're facing Chris Young) have a good match-up, but there's a risk of rain for the game.

-The Indians tandem of Lee and Wood top my pitcher rankings on a very weak day for pitchers, but are also at risk of getting rain. Pettitte and Nolasco are the next best options.

-Pujols is the best by a wide margin at first base, but if you can't afford him, then Helton is a great bargain.

-Rangers hitters have a good matchup.

-Astros hitters have a good matchup...especially for basestealers, since they're facing Jason Marquis.


Anonymous said...

I have to be honest with you, as someone who has followed this blog for 2 years: you have lost me my friend. This blog is way to geared as a draftbug promo site, and gives no real insight or advice for normal fantasy leagues.
Dude, I get it. You have a new site you are trying to promote, and you really believe in it. I wish you luck.
There is nothing wrong with changing the direction of this site, but it is clearly no longer 'the waiver wire'.
As far as this site goes, I'm out.


Alex said...

Dave - I'll be sorry to see you go. However, daily fantasy contests are what I'm interesting in now, and what I spend my free time thinking about. Coming up with useful material on a daily basis is challenging enough that I can only do it if I'm writing about topics that I'm passionate about. If I didn't change the focus of the blog, I'd have had to spend immense amounts of time researching and thinking about formats that aren't on my my mind otherwise, and I doubt I'd be able to continue writing on a near-daily basis. I realize that the change will cause a shift in who reads the blog, and I wish anyone who leaves the best. -Alex

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you said.

Jenifer said...

I had never been to that site before. Thanks for the tip!

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