Tuesday, April 3, 2007

El Duque and Benitez

For today's starter, I'll take El Duque (who I like as long as he maintains his typically good K/9) and since Benitez is just below 50% on the Yahoo player ranker, I'll take him. Note that I like Valverde a lot more, but since he pitched yesterday, he's about 50% less likely to get a save today. If these closers stay under 50% for long, I may change my threshhold to 45% to make things tougher for myself.


rafi said...

I think it would be more helpful in general for you to post about tomorrow's starters instead of today's.

That way readers can make use of the tips.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I play on Yahoo! and it takes a day to add a player.

Alex said...

Good point - I'll start doing that tomorrow (recommendations for Thurs.).