Monday, August 30, 2010


Three months isn't long to wait to update a blog, right?

Quick update on my teams: The slow draft team is 10th out of 15. Playing part of the season without a second baseman will do that. My bad Online Double Play team just worked it's way up to 5th out 12. That's as high as it's going to make it, as I'm trailing the 4th place team by 17 points. My good Online Double Play team is fighting for first in it's league. Today, I'm in first. But I've been swapping positions on a daily basis with one other team. As recently as two weeks ago, there were six teams shuffling positions daily, but the race seems to have narrowed to three of us now. None of us are anywhere near the top positions in the overall standings.


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OK, please, please, anybody out there have news re: the current status of LM teacher's contract? What is going on there? Why is this kept in the shadowy dark? I've not seen or heard a word about it. It makes no sense that a financially strapped district can't seek cuts in teacher's salaries. I heard their contract was up over a year ago. Is it illegal to seek cuts? If so, then where's collective bargaining? Is it illegal to tell us, the "owners" of our schools, what's going on w/ the contract?

Anonymous said...

Good stuff.

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