Monday, March 1, 2010

Update On Random NFBC Stuff

I've made two more picks in the slow draft since my last update:

Rd. 17, Pick #249: Travis Snider
Rd. 18, Pick #262: Scott Podsednik

I don't really like Podsednik much, but he's like to start most games to the Royals, and I felt like I needed someone capable of stealing a bunch of bases.

One word of caution to anyone who hasn't tried a slow draft before. Don't be fooled by the name and the 12 hour time limit. People will get cranky if you consistently take a long time with your picks. If you want to avoid that, let people know your schedule, give some of them your contact info, and put yourself on autopick or find someone who can pick for you when you're going to be out for too long.

At some point in the next few weeks I'm going to sign up for the NFBC Double Play. The online version of that contest (which is the one I'll be entering) has a $350 entry fee, small league prizes, and overall prizes for the top finishers, including a $60K grand prize. Drafts are scheduled at a variety of different times, and I'd love to hear people's opinions on when the competition is likely to be the weakest. I've heard several people suggest that the early drafts (held in mid March) aren't likely to attract as many of the top players as those in later March and early April. That probably makes sense. I'm also thinking that the 9pm drafts (especially during the week) are likely to have more people making hurried late round picks than the afternoon drafts or 7pm drafts. 9pm on St. Patrick's Day seems very promising although I don't know if my preparation will be done in time for that one.


Anonymous said...

Can you post one of what you consider the "better" teams in this league so we can compare it to yours? It is hard to critique your picks without someone else's team to compare it to.

Shawn Childs said...

Wow Alex, you're really over-thinking the draft slot thing. Spend a time more time on your prep instead. If you want to take Brett Anderson before Matt Cain, no one's going to get in your way.

-Shawn Childs

Alex said...

Shawn - Don't mistake the fact that I'm writing about it as an indication that I'm not doing other prep. :)

A few posts back I made point that in the middle rounds of the draft I was beginning to see picks that looked like mistakes to me, and someone asked for some examples, and I listed the first few I could come up with. As the draft progresses I'm seeing more and more of those.